Market Entry Model Comparison


As mentioned previously, there are some barriers to setting up your business in this region. Historically this cost is estimated to be in the region of $500-750,000. These costs include registering the new entity, hiring costs, operational expenses, professionals service fees, and any additional staff family benefits associated with the region. There are many unique regional charges that can surprise organisations including staff gratuity, schooling, and some visas. Although a ‘Serviced’ option can reduce these costs by 20%, it can still total $400,000, and similar to ‘Historical’ services, there is no guaranteed return on the investment. The ‘new model, the GTM International model, remove all the risk. Our team fulfills multiple roles and provides a ‘revenue generation service’ allowing regional profits to be reinvested into the region.


Initialising a channel strategy does require localised efforts and constant mindshare through the channel and customer communities. GTM International will be your team in the region, working with you to establish the right channel in the first place, and then enabling, while also engaging the end-users. Developing a channel eco-system that provides this is one of the pillars of our service offering. Whether 1 tier/2 tier, direct or hybrid channel models. GTM supports enterprise pipeline development while establishing and enabling your partner matrix and executing your channel strategy in parallel. Your success is often reliant on appointing the right local partners who can take your product or service to the local market, represent your brand and technology in the right manner and support your customers effectively.

  Historical Serviced Managed
Provider Vendor Recruitment-type Agency
Establishment Investment Entity, real estate, legal & tax services None None
Talent and Staffing Hiring Costs Salaries and Benefits Family Visa’s, Healthcare and Schooling Hiring Costs, Salaries and Benefits Family Visa’s, Healthcare and Schooling Fixed or rolling Retainer/Contract
Additional fees/overheads Operational office expenses 12-20% payroll and benefit overheads None
Liability Legal, tax and employment liability Employment liability None
Performance Related Incentive Yes - Standard Yes - Standard Yes - Flexible
Average Costs for Single IC $500 - 750k $400 - $600k $100 - 150K